Blocs 3.1.2 Mac 破解版 Mac上强大的零编码网页开发工具

Blocs 是一款在Mac上的代码编辑器,这款软件小巧便捷,即使你不了解或不会编写代码,Blocs也能帮助你快速上手,为你带来全新的方法来构建现代化、高质量的静态网站,Blocs 使用起来非常的方便简单。

Blocs 3.1.2 Mac 破解版 介绍


  • Blocs减去需要编写的代码意味着每个人都可以建立网站。


  • Blocs产生良好的质量组织的代码,没有杂乱或内嵌样式。


  • Blocs提供清晰一个新的水平,并重点帮助你更快地建立网站。

Blocs 是一个快速、易用、强大的视觉网页设计工具,可以让你创建漂亮的、现代的网站,而无需编写代码。设计巧妙,适合初学者或熟悉网页设计的人。你会喜欢有集团的大楼。

  • 专为简易性建筑设计,简单而有趣。一个干净、直观的界面让创建网站变得难以置信的快。只需点击,选择,编辑,并享受堆叠块,建立您的网站。它的易用性会让你感到宾至如归。
  • 强大的样式特性——在简化的区块界面后面,有一些更高级的编辑功能。当你准备好让你的设计更有创意时,集团会和你一起成长。你设置的速度。
  • 创建由cms驱动的网站-集团对一系列的付费和开源(免费)第三方内容管理系统提供了集成支持。现在可以很容易地创建强大的、动态的网站,这些网站可以从您的web浏览器中更新并作出贡献。
  • 节省时间的功能-油漆模式,全球色板,自动文本着色和一个点击动画只是一些好玩的,节省时间的特点。你会惊奇地发现你能如此迅速地创建一个网站。
  • 没有订阅,无限的网站。

What\’s New in Blocs

Version 3.1.2:

New Features:
  • Duplicating pages now retains keywords and description meta data as well as all data added to page code areas.
  • Added support for site language (project setting) in Pulse CMS 5 and October CMS exports.
  • Made gradient controls more intuitive. Apply gradient when option is initially enabled in class editor.
  • Fixed issue with adding new Bloc causing Bloc below losing ID.
  • Fixed issue that caused cache busting export option to break October CMS theme JS+CSS.
  • Fixed issue that caused double canvas scroll bars when scroll bars forced in system prefs.
  • Fixed issue with Pulse CMS 5 exports not including the page description tag.
  • Removed missing core image asset (lake.jpg).

Version 3.1.0:

New Features:
  • Updated Bootstrap Framework to 4.2.1.
  • Added support for UI Switches (Checkbox Bric style option).
  • Added support for clean Page URL export structure.
  • Added new global code areas, open code editor from window menu.
  • Added Full Screen Bloc Bar option (main prefs or Bloc bar row options menu).
  • Added support to change page header attachment order.
  • Added support for local network device previewing. URL is printed in menu bar when in preview mode, enter this in any device on network for live preview. (.html only).
  • Added support to copy and paste custom data attributes between items (take care to click table before paste).
  • Various improvements to the Icon Manager and its UX.
  • Global new page extension settings.
  • Sidebar options can now be used to set the logo size per breakpoint.
  • Made resize column handles more accurate.
  • Dragging page attachments onto page settings table now respects insertion position.
  • Added placeholders on store custom Bloc input fields.
  • Touch support for carousel now uses bootstrap 4 functionality.
  • Added support to scroll Layer tree horizontally.
  • Don\’t show page templates when starting a new project when no page templates stored.
  • Added typeface selection dropdown UI element to developer API.
  • The function value attribute is now passed in with all functions e.g myfunction(value) can now be myfunction(value,attr) in your JS functionality.
  • Added new templating API functionality that allows variables from custom Brics to be written in template files such as additional CSS,JS,JSON and PHP.
  • Added new custom bric developer example for typography and template calls.
  • Replaced Feature 2 column (no padding) Blocs, with better versions.
  • Auto select first available menu when setting a link to a dropdown via the Menu Manager.
  • Improved the visual layout of classes written into the breakpoint @media wrappers.
  • Refined visual styling of object selection marker.
  • Fixed issue that caused layer tree to break when a label has a carriage return in it.
  • Fixed issue that caused Pulse CMS pages to break when exported using HTML minify options.
  • Fixed issue that caused page description to not show on pulse CMS 5 template pages.
  • Fixed issue that caused bloc group ID attribute to be removed when exported.
  • Fixed issue that caused toggling bloc group containers visibility to break.
  • Fixed issue with duplicating input fields and checkboxes that caused them to have duplicated ID\’s.
  • Fixed issue that caused duplicated HTML widgets with hidden contents to export wrong data.
  • Fixed issue that prevented editing the alt tag on carousel slides.
  • Fixed issue that caused text sidebar fields to be troublesome when entering REM values with decimal point.
  • Fixed issue that prevented setting video poster image by dragging image to well.
  • Fixed layer tree issue that caused app to crash when dragging unselected child layers when parent is selected.
  • Fixed issue that caused text to become part of icon when editing header with icon.
  • Fixed issue that caused unwanted padding on Blocs with no padding set.
  • Fixed issue with terms window being unreadable when run in dark mode on MacOS Mojave.
  • Fixed issue that caused hover marker to be misaligned if a full screen Bloc is selected and cursor is placed over another non full screen Bloc item.
  • Fixed issue that prevented tabbed area content count being set by sidebar list count input field.
  • Fixed issue that caused blocs to mis align when applying custom visibility settings to bloc groups.
  • Fixed issue that caused rows to become misaligned when a full screen bloc contains custom visibility values.

Version 3.0.3:

  • Issue that caused page to be duplicated when creating a new page and first switching to duplicate and then back to use template.
  • Issue that prevented layer tree rendering correctly when returns are included in text style areas.
  • Issue that prevented Blocs with accordions that have no text in title link from showing in layer tree.
  • Typo in generated accordion ID.
  • Issue that prevented cards within cards being selected.
  • Bloc Bar selection dropdown on MacOS 10.11.
  • Bloc builder save button label not showing on 10.14.
  • Issue that wiped a text Brics ID when its level is changed.
  • Issue that prevented layer tree updating when a text Brics level is changed.
  • Issue that caused global areas to show on page thumbnails when they are disabled.
Blocs 3.1.2 Mac 破解版 Mac上强大的零编码网页开发工具-爱情守望者



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