Postbox Mac 破解版 优秀的邮件客户端工具

Postbox 是一款Mac上优秀的邮件客户端工具,支持多账户,可以为不同账户分类,统一管理,不再累于账户切换,极大简化了操作,很不错!

[Postbox 在官网售价 40.00 美元]

Postbox 6.1.17 Mac 破解版 介绍

Postbox 是一个新的电子邮件应用程序,帮助你组织你的工作生活,并完成工作。它拥有AppleMail所有的优雅和简单,但具有更大的能力和灵活性,甚至可以管理最苛刻的工作负载。





伟大的作品与OS X的邮箱集成了地址簿,iCal,iPhoto,聚光灯,快看。邮箱甚至与OmniFocus的东西!


Postbox is available in English, German, French, Spanish (Spain), English (British), Italian, Dutch, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, and Swedish.

What’s New in Postbox

Version 6.1.18:

Fixed a regression when pasting in the Compose window on older operating systems

Version 6.1.15:


An issue that could cause the message list to not update when an Account Group is selected and folder tabs are open

A bug that could cause All Accounts + Focus Pane selections to stop working after clearing a search

A bug that could prevent Reminder indicators from immediately displaying when View menu – Organize by Thread is set to “off”

An issue that caused inline images to disappear during message edit

A regression that could cause strange characters to appear when resending or redirecting a message

Non-threaded, vertical view message list display when sorting by reverse date order


Made a change to allow the Pin Reminders function to work for Sent, Trash and Archive folders (except for Gmail All Mail folders, which are too large and could introduce unwanted behavior)

Removed white top border that would display when using dark mode on Windows while in full screen mode

Version 6.1.11:

Several fixes to improve indexing performance

Added a “Theme” menu option to the View menu

Change to prevent the “Edit Message” command from activating when the Preview Pane is not open

The folder contextual menu command “Download This Folder” will now also index the folder

Added preference UI for “Show text attachments inline” in Preferences | Options > Display > General

Restored close window warning notifications on Windows

Removed message counts from the Windows Taskbar

Removed deprecated Default Send server option from Accounts > Outgoing Server settings

Fixed an issue that prevented filter action “Play Sound” filename from displaying

Fixed an issue with LDAP that prevented contacts from displaying

Fixed an issue with account reordering within an Account Group

Version 6.1.8:

Note: Currently available for $30

Implemented several Dark Mode improvements on macOS

Disabled Quick Post function when more than one message is selected

Added missing content for Windows tab tooltip

Fixed an issue that prevented the right arrow key from opening messages in a new tab

Version 6.1.5:

Additional Dark Mode tuning and fixes

Added DuckDuckGo as a search engine

Added send status panel that displays in foreground, added preference for send in background in Preferences | Options > Composition > Advanced > Send in background

Fixed a crash that could occur when saving or attaching files on macOS Mojave

Fixed an issue that could prevent body and text colors from displaying properly in the preview pane




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