SimpleMind Pro 1.23.1 Mac 破解版 简单易用的思维导图工具

SimpleMind 是一款Mac上简单易用的思维导图工具,支持导出格式为PDF, PNG, HTML, TXT, OPML, Freemind等,可以在上下级节点插入多一级节点!

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SimpleMind Pro 1.22 Mac 破解版 介绍

SimpleMind Desktop是一种思维映射工具,它将您的Mac变成了头脑风暴、思想收集和思想结构设备。它连接到与iPhone/iPad应用程序类似的SimpleMind。

  • 易于使用的阻力,安排,和编辑直接在思维地图页。
  • 点击或拖动节点可以添加新的主题。
  • 在编辑器中完全撤销/重做。
  • 视觉风格改变颜色、边界和线条,以达到最大的展示效果。
  • 从风格调色板或自定义颜色选择颜色。
  • 剪切/复制/粘贴-在思维导图之间移动或重复主题。
  • 从选择或剪贴板创建新的MindMap。
  • 使用拖放的方式重新连接主题,并借助于主题自动布局。

What’s New in SimpleMind

Version 1.23.1:

  • v1.23.1 fixes bugs reported on v1.23.0
  • Save mind map files in any directory – including iCloud Drive
  • Open mind maps via “Mind Map | Open” or from Finder
  • Mind maps opened via Finder or “Open” are shown in the Files tab.
  • Wysiwyg rich text (bold, italic etc.) support in Note, Topics and Labels
  • Dark mode support on MacOS 10.14
  • “Natural+Colors on Black” stylesheet added
  • Style Sheet selector in inspector (MacOS 10.13+)
  • Display a group border around any group of topics
  • Topics support dashed line styles
  • Branch border supported for central themes
  • New command Checkboxes | Reset state – checkboxes are unchecked, progress bars are set to 0

Version 1.22.0:

  • Improved display in Image Preview.
  • Adjustable font size in note panel (context menu)
  • Removed options for shadow support in mind maps
  • Keyboard shortcuts for subscript Ctrl+= and superscript Shift+Ctrl+=
  • Bug fixed in Export Outline scope radio buttons

Version 1.21.0:

  • Open multiple Mind Maps with “View | Open in New Window”. Shortcut Cmd+O
  • Crosslinks can be used to make a summary or merge paths
  • Nextcloud support added. Use your own Nextcloud based cloud server to synchronize mind maps across devices
  • Nutstore cloud support added. Use this Chinese cloud service to synchronize mind maps across devices
  • Manually toggle the crosslink style via the relation toolbar to style as “normal” hierarchy or crosslink
  • Maximum image thumbnail size increased to 480 pixels
  • Press Alt-key to force scrolling rather than moving elements. This can be used when an image leaves no empty space to scroll
  • Allows Drag-Drop on collapsed topics
  • Hide Inspector Cmd+0 replaces Toggle Inspector Cmd+Shift+I
  • Animated scrolling (outliner, search, spell check etc)
  • Working around Dropbox time outs when synchronizing
SimpleMind Pro 1.23.1 Mac 破解版 简单易用的思维导图工具-爱情守望者
SimpleMind Pro 1.23.1 Mac 破解版 简单易用的思维导图工具-爱情守望者
SimpleMind Pro 1.23.1 Mac 破解版 简单易用的思维导图工具-爱情守望者
SimpleMind Pro 1.23.1 Mac 破解版 简单易用的思维导图工具-爱情守望者
SimpleMind Pro 1.23.1 Mac 破解版 简单易用的思维导图工具-爱情守望者




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