GrabIt 4.920 Mac 破解版 融合截图与便签功能于一体的辅助工具

GrabIt 是Mac平台的一款融合截图工具与便签工具功能于一体的辅助工具,不知道该说这是一款将便签概念引入屏幕截图功能的小软件,还是将截图概念引入便签功能的小工具,创意非常新颖,截取的图片会像便签那样自动浮动在桌面上,然后可以对它进行保存或删除操作。

GrabIt 4.920 Mac 破解版 介绍


Free for the weekends celebrating the kickout of president in Korea.



// Please see the tutorial !! //





Whenever you want to scrap something on the screen,

you probably used Cmd+Shift+4 or some other apps.

But, as you know “Cmd+Shift+4”, which is “screencapture” app included in Mac OS X, simply saves the captured image on the desktop rather than shows it to you instantly.

So, I made this! This app grabs anywhere on the screen as images and shows you instantly.

Cmd+Option+B: Grab It!

Drag: Move Images

Double Clicks: Make Images small

Right-Click Drag: Drag as a file

Cmd + w with mouse on the image: Close the image

What’s New in GrabIt

Version 4.920:

An option added to set shortcut for opening clipboard image with GrabIt




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